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Astro-Geo-Marine - Design, manufacture, test and integrate

We contract manufacture & test per detail print and specifications, for aerospace (military & commercial) and industrial applications. Complete Turnkey per J-STD-001 & IPC-A-610 (Class III) and/or Customer Specifications utilizing ESD safe work-stations. We can assist in component obsolescence issues by suggesting replacements and or modifications for your products.


• Power Supplies & Systems
• Inverters
• Printed Circuit Board (PCB/PWB) Assemblies
• Cable & Wire Harness Assemblies
• Regulators
• Amplifiers
• Load Banks
• Filter Assemblies (EMI/RFI)
• Solenoids (Electronically Controlled)
• Relay and Filter-Relay Assemblies
• Power Monitors
• Controllers

Power Supply 1

Power Supply PCB

  • ο Power
    ο Temperature
    ο Pitch & Trim
    ο Horizontal Stabilizer
    ο Synchronizer/Synchrophaser

• Assembly


ο Soldering

  • - Thru-hole
    - Surface-Mount
    - Mixed

ο Lead-forming, Tinning
ο Wiring, Harnessing, & Cabling
ο Mechanical Assembly, Swaging
ο Potting
ο Conformal Coating
ο Cleaning
ο Marking


Plus, we perform testing per customer
Acceptance Test Procedures.

Power Supply 2




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